Raidho TD4.8

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This impressive speaker delivers world class musical experiences that captivate the listener.

The TD4.8 is build on the MTM concept as the TD4.2. This is just even more extreme designed as a true full-range speaker using our in-house made Tantalum Diamond-drivers with no less than 6 bas-drivers and 2 midranges.

Together with the upgraded TD-ribbon tweeter, this impressive speaker delivers world class musical experiences that captivates the listener with a huge soundstage capturing the atmosphere and intimacy of your recordings.

Placed on big, adjustable feet with built-in decoupling, the TD4.8 will make the best out of any room with the stunning looks, and the sound is fast, coherent and authentic. The TD4.8 was appointed the ”Cost-no-object speaker of the year 2018” in Hi-Fi+, and it is a testament to all musiclovers.

Raidho Series TD
Drive Unit

This is truly a unique and revolutionary drive unit! 100% developed and build inhouse by Raidho. The goals was simple: no coloration and outstanding dynamic capabilities.

The motor comprises of a very strong magnet (N52 Neodymium) with an unseen even magnet field, coupled with an underhung titanium voice coil. This arrangement gives the drive unit the most powerful underhung magnet system in the world. The benetfit from an underhung voicie coil over the traditional overhung, is that it is much more linear and better dynamic capabilities. The result is perfect transient response with no measurable distortion.

The Legendary Raidho Ribbon Tweeter

Our proprietary, trademark ribbon tweeter is a unique design. It is completely designed and build by hand in-house in Denmark. To be exact, it is a Planar Magnetic Tweeter due to the tracks in the foil. The foil is 11 micron thick, which means it is 50 times less mass in comparison to a conventional dome tweeter. This is because there is no voice coil and the extreme low weight of the foil (20 milligram). The result is virtually no resonances or distortion, and the breakup point is at an incredible 82 KHz! What you hear is amazing clear and natural sound. All the detail in the world, but no fatigue, no distortion, and no coloration!

Topology - 3 way

Bass Loading - Bass reflex Port in rear, Impulse optimized - Conform


1 x Raidho TD Ribbon Tweeter

2 x 5” Raidho Tantalum Diamond midrange

6 x 6.5” Raidho Tantalum Diamond bass

Crossover Point - 400Hz and 2.4 kHz stepped slope

Frequency Range - 21 Hz - 50 kHz +/-3 dB

Sensitivity - 90dB 2,83 V/m

Nominal Impedance - 4 Ohm

Power Requirement - 50 -300 Watts

Dimensions WxHxD, mm - 435x1780x670 including feet

Enclosure WxD, mm - 200 x 630

Weight, kg - 74

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