Oehlbach Hyper Profi Opto

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Oehlbach Hyper Profi Opto optinis kabelis


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Extremely well-made optical-digital audio connection preassembled with two metal TOSLINK plugs. The innovative cable design with ultra-fast fibre-optic conductors achieves highest luminosity and allows data to be transmitted at rates of up to 75 Mbps(Megabit/second) The standard for the transmission of multi-channel sound formats using optical TOSLINK interfaces only specifies transmission rates of 12.8 Mbps!

Robust plastic sheathingSolid full-metal plug
24- carat gold-plated contactshighly flexible cable
Reliable contact

Inner conductor materialFiber-Optic
Cable sheathingplastic
Plug designgeschr-Vollmetall-Acrylh
Cable geometryRound
Plug typestraight

Hyper Profi Opto 10060811.00 mblack47 
Hyper Profi Opto 20060822.00 mblack52 
Hyper Profi Opto 50060855.00 mblack72 €
Hyper Profi Opto 5060800.50 mblack45 €
Hyper Profi Opto 30060833.00 mblack58 
Hyper Profi Opto 1000608710.00 mblack99 €

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