Audia Flight Three S

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Output power (Watts RMS) @ 8/4 ohm100/160W

Amplifier stage gain26dB

Frequency response (@1 Watt RMS; -3db)1Hz - 450kHz

Slew Rate (@ 8 Ohm)>80V/µS


S/N ratio>95dB

Unbalanced input impedance51kOhm, 150pF

Balanced input impedance30kOhm

Stand-by power consumptionless than 1W

Maximum power consumption400W

Dimensions and weight450x110x430mm (W x H x D), 16,5 kg

Shipping dimensions and weight550x250x580mm (W x H x D), 18,5kg

Dimensions and weight450x110x430mm (W x H x D), 16,5kg






  • 4 unbalanced inputs
  • 1 balanced input
  • 1 monitor input
  • 1 analog input can be assigned to bypass the preamp (as “direct”)
  • 1 optional USB digital input
  • 1 unbalanced preamp output
  • 1 unbalanced record output
  • 1 output for headphones

OPTIONAL BOARDS (can be retrofitted): 
phono MC/MM (replaces analog Input 1); USB 24bit 192KHz DAC (becomes Input 6)


The USB input has been insulated by an ADuM (from Analog Devices) to prevent any noise from the computer. 
When the USB is used together with a player application such as FooBar or WinAmp, the user can transfer stream music files to internal 
converter at 192kHz/24bits maximum frequency/resolution while avoiding undesired PC or MAC audio mixer data processing during the 
data transfer from hard disk to interface.

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