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Masterstroke "Class A" is the most advanced technology we can now imagine in the field of high-end amplifier for cars. Embodies the goals of STEG research in the combination of innovative technologies, operating effectively and in absolute balance of the whole. The "CLASS" employs circuit solutions as the absence of feedback
Negative and class A operation, technical attributable solely all'HomeHi-Fi. It introduces a surprising debugging tool, able to refine the sound of the amplifier favoring the dell'audiofilo sensitivity.
Built state of the art, the "CLASS" is expressed in the Bel Sound of car audio. Tonal consistency, sweetness and three-dimensionality of the sound stage, give an enchanting listening involvement, demonstrating the complete and unaltered reproduction of the original musical message.

· NO NEGATIVE FEEDBACK The amplification stages are extremely articulated electronic circuits, the interaction between the components coupled with the physical / technological limits of the same and signal complexity are among the many variables that combine to produce unwanted effects on system operation. The design of an amplifier, already in itself difficult, is complicated when dealing with the type of audio signals: the musical information in the input must stay unaltered throughout the process, to complete recur every microinformation on the amplified output; in this case, one can speak of "High Fidelity". Realize this type of circuitry requires experience and deep knowledge of technology, components and sound. Know-how to draw on in creating a balance between the many factors at play. There is a method commonly used that simplifies the design of an amplifier is the use of Negative Feedback in order to fill the imperfections generated by the circuit during the amplification process.


Power 4 ohms stereoWatt RMS - 11 to 14.4 Volt 100 x 2
Power 2 ohms stereoWatt RMS - 11 to 14.4 Volt 200 x 2
Power in Watts RMS CLASS A - 11 to 14.4 Volt 50 x 2


Volts RMS 0.4 V - 5.5 V


466 x 60 x 255 mm


7 Kg

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