Oehlbach Subwoofer Cinch Cable

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Oehlbach Subwoofer Cinch kabelis


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With the Oehlbach Select Sub Link cable your active subwoofer gets the optimal con-nection to your home cinema or home entertainment. It is available in various lengths and can also be used in the car for connecting bass rollers or power amplifiers. For all cases, we have developed an oxygen-free copper inner conductor with a particu-larly wide cross-section, which is specially designed for the optimum transmission of low bass frequencies. Here you can hear powerful, precise bass, which, thanks to effective shielding, cannot be affected by external signal interference. Nevertheless, this massive, robust cable remains very flexible and can be laid just as flexibly. The 24 carat gold-plated RCA connectors with 100 percent contact area also provide the right finish for optimum bass and sound quality.

2m - 24,99€

3m - 29,99€
5m - 39,99€
7,50m - 49,99€
10m - 69,99€

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