Marantz MODEL 50

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Striking a perfect balance between power and elegance, the Marantz MODEL 50 is the ideal integrated amplifier to reveal the warmth, spaciousness, detail, and richness of each recording.

With a precisely engineered Class A/B amplifier, MODEL 50 will drive your loudspeakers with authority yet reveal details you never knew existed.

Analogue is paramount in the design of MODEL 50. The decision to exclude digital audio ensures completely intuitive operation and eliminates the risk of interference from complex digital circuitry.

We designed MODEL 50 to be thoroughly modern, yet timeless. Hallmark aesthetic cues like symmetry, warmth, and tactile satisfaction push the boundaries of audio equipment design inspired by icons of our past.

  • 70 watts per channel and Current Feedback Class A/B amplification maximizes speaker capability
  • No digital audio circuitry simplifies use and reduces audible interference
  • A full suite of inputs and outputs for your sources, subwoofer, and even a Power-Amp-Direct input for easy integration in an AV setup
  • Unique HDAM-SA3 discrete amplifier circuitry outperforms ICs used in competing amplifiers
  • Hear details in your vinyl records like never before using the Marantz Musical Phono EQ gain stage
  • Iconic Marantz porthole display is used for setup and to easily see input and your volume level
  • Meticulously crafted and robustly built, MODEL 50 design and style matches the most musical sound
  • produkto matmenys: 442 x 130 x 431 mm
  • svoris neto: 14.20 kg
  • minimalus kiekis: 1 vnt.

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